Quality of EditingEdit

Though this is a humor wiki, that does not mean we don't care about our content. The content on this wiki should have quality that at least somewhat rivals that of the Marvel and DC wikis. Though we're not quite as smart as they are, we can at least pretend.

Inappropriate ContentEdit

The UnSuper Wiki, as a general rule, maintains a 13+ rating. No heavy swearing or graphic content is permitted, but less extreme examples are generally acceptable. The same rule applies to sexual innuendo and descriptions of violence.

Rude BehaviorEdit

Don't be a jerk. That's about it.


When it comes down to it, just use your common sense to decide what's right and wrong. You have a brain for a reason. However, we do understand that many will ignore their common sense and be the little spoiled brats they are. If this happens, notify the nearest administrator so they can put the kid in time-out.

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