Superman #9 is the tenth issue of the Superman (comics) series. Nah, I'm just messing with you. It's actually the eleventh.

Superman Fights RocksEdit


Clark Kent is just walking around one morning when suddenly a bunch of rocks start raining from the sky. He turns into Superman and flies up to fight the rocks (you know, because they insulted his mother). But he finds that the rocks are actually Kryptonite, and his power is drained. Then he drinks a 5 Hour Energy and he's okay.


  • Superman
  • Citizens with kyptonite impaled in their heads

Superman Has to PeeEdit


Superman had just foiled a bank robbery when he realizes he has to pee. He asks the manager where the bathrooms are, but the manager informs Superman that the entire bank was destroyed by Superman's "rescue". Superman flies around Metropolis, using his X-Ray Vision to look in every bathroom in Metropolis. After concluding that every woman's bathroom was occupied, Superman just started peeing midflight. The weather forecasters were all fired for failing to foresee the yellow rain.


  • Superman
  • Bank Robbers
  • Bank Manager
  • Confused Weathermen
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