Superman 8

Beware the Lima Beans!

Superman #8 is the eighth issue of the infamous Superman comic series is stars Superman in his (mis)adventures against evil.

Superman vs. The Lima BeansEdit


Superman is flying around when he smells something with his super-smell. It is the most awful smell ever! He flies down and sees a chef cooking some lima beans. The chef offers Superman a plate. Superman zaps the chef with heat vision and blows away the lima beans with his super breath. Then the lima beans come to life because science. Superman flies around punching all of the lima beans. Once he has beat them all, he eats them. Nobody knows why he ate them, but he did. Then he ate the Daily Planet building because more science.


Brainiac's RevengeEdit


After being beat in Jeopardy! by Superman, Brainiac swears his revenge. He flies down to Earth where he declares the land his. Superman just stares at Brainiac. Brainiac continues about how he is superior to humans. Superman just keeps giving Brainiac the evil eye. Brainiac gets so scared that he leaks oil and flies away. Then Superman wakes up, as he was sleeping with his eyes open. Then he eats the oil spill because he just loves science that much.


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