Superman 6

The politically correct version.

Superman #6 is the sixth comic book in the first comic book series ever. For those of you with an IQ below this comic book's number, this is the one after 5 and before 7. This book was controversial, but I don't have any idea why.

Superman Goes to the BarEdit


Superman is tired of saving people, so he goes to the bar. He tells the bartender to hit him with a beer, so the bartender grabs a beer and then randomly explodes for no reason. The beer then lands on Superman's head. Furious, he lasers everyone in the bar and then drinks all the beer they have. Superman then starts drunk flying and crashes through a lot of stuff. Metropolis is in ruins.


  • Superman
  • Bartender
  • Drunk People in the Bar

Superman Does DrugsEdit


Superman just finished defeating gang members when he realizes the gang members have drugs. He asks about them, and the gang leader says "You can have 'em" while peeing his pants in fear. Superman, deciding there's a first for everything, takes the drugs and uses them. He spends the rest of the comic book doing stuff on drugs.


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