Superman 4

The exploding toilet!

Superman #4 is number four in the Superman comic book series. It is known for being the first comic book to ever feature any actual action. After this book was published, people realized action was cool. Because of this, several gangs rose up. Yes, this comic book is responsible for every gang war ever.

Attack of the BunniesEdit


Clark Kent is sitting as his desk when he hears a bunch of bunnies with his super hearing. At first he thinks they are in trouble, so he flies off to save them. He then realizes the bunnies are eating all of Old McDonald's carrots! Superman uses his super-breath to launch all the bunnies away. He also launches all the carrots. And all the garden. And the tree. And the house. And Old McDonald. Clark realizes that he is a hero (despite the collateral damage), so he became a superhero known as Superman.


The Ultimate (Financial) BattleEdit


Clark Kent is in the bathroom at work. He releases a dump so powerful, it makes the toilet explode. The shrapnel flies into the building next door: the headquarters of LexCorp. Lex Luthor decides to file a lawsuit against the Daily Planet. Superman's boss then "raises", thinking they are playing poker. Lex Luthor then goes all in and loses. He swears revenge.


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