Superman 3

How could you not read this garbage?

Superman #3 is the third comic book made in the Superman series. Once this one was published, we knew they intended on making a series. With that, this comic book remains to be one of the most hated in all of history, for it helped create the foundation of the monstrosity comic books are today.

Crushing DebtEdit


Clark Kent is now 20 years old, and he decided he wants to buy stuff. He goes to all of the stores in town and buys all of their stuff in credit. A week later, his credit card company sends him a bill for $∞. Angry about his bill, he punches his house, causing it to crush him. He is now in crushing debt. He climbs out of his house. Realizing how powerful he really is, he gets a job at the Daily Planet.


Workplace DilemmasEdit


Clark goes to the Daily Planet for his first day. He shakes his boss' hand, but then accidentally uses his super strength and breaks it. He goes to do stuff at his desk, but he accidentally used his ice breath and froze everything. He gives up and tries hitting on his new coworker, but he "accidentally" uses his x-ray vision on her. She slaps him and walks away. Clark decides he's on the right track.


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