Superman 18

Superman #18 is proof that the writers of the Superman comics just don't know when to quit.

Wrath of Darkseid: Part 1Edit


Clark Kent is stargazing instead of doing his job like he's supposed to. Lois Lane comes out to hit Clark with a newspaper and tell him to get back to work. But then a huge spaceship crash-lands like three feet away from Clark. He decides it's time to save the day, so Clark turns into Superman and "rescues" everyone by grabbing them with one arm, and tossing them across the city.

Just as the day is saved, the spaceship door opens and a menacing figure steps out. "I am Darkseid," the figure says. "I am here to spread peace and prosperity to your planet." This could have been the greatest moment in Earth's history. Except Superman was too busy beating the crap out of Darkseid's ship. When Darkseid asked what Superman was doing, Superman responded by picking up the ship, and smashing it on Darkseid's head. As you can imagine, this mildly irritated Darkseid.

"Dude, please..." Darkseid said to Superman. Superman didn't listen, and instead started blasting Darkseid with his heat vision. Darkseid just ignored the attack and began to give free puppies to everyone. Superman, angry that his attacks were not working, snatched the basket of puppies from Darkseid. This made Darkseid angry. He picked up Superman by the throat, and hurled him into the sun.

To be continued...


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