Superman 17

Superman #17 is officially classified as "pathetic" by the Comics Code Authority and by everyone.

Prankster StrikesEdit


Superman is ordering a coffee at Starbucks. He is arguing with the barista because the idiot keeps trying to give him a "venti" instead of a large. Superman blasts the restaurant with his heat vision and flies off. That's when he notices a bank robbery taking place.

He flies in and watches as Prankster demands that they take all his money and nobody gets hurt. The confused bank teller takes Prankster's money, and Prankster laughs as he skips out of the bank. Prankster then goes and "robs" several more banks by giving them money. Superman is confused, so he does nothing. Being confused makes Superman angry, so Superman then dropkicks Prankster across Metropolis.


Jeopardy ReturnsEdit


Superman, remembering the fateful Jeopardy! match that made Brainiac evil, decided he should go back on Jeopardy! He signs up again and answers the first question. But then Alex Trebek turns into a mutant cyborg pirate and tries to kill everyone. Superman saves everyone and turns Trebek back to normal.


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