Superman 14

Superman helping an old lady.

Superman #14 was the comic book released a month after Superman 13. There's nothing special about it, so you can just pretend it doesn't exist. That's what everyone else does.

Clark Wants His JobEdit


After Jimmy Olsen replaced Clark Kent at the Daily Planet, Clark punched Jimmy in the face with his Super Strength and took his job back. Perry White noticed this and told Clark that he was fired. Clark flew up into the air and started shooting lasers at his boss. Perry begins to run, but he is not as fast as Clark. Clark uses his super speed to catch up to Perry, and then punches him. Perry flies backwards, but then Clark uses his ice-breath to freeze Perry in place. Realizing that he has compromised his secret identity, he removes his boss's memory with a kiss.


Superman Helps an Old Lady Cross the StreetEdit


Superman is flying through Metropolis when he sees and old lady crossing an empty street without any problem. Since he's a superhero, he felt obligated to help the old lady. He shoots down at near lightspeed, and slams into the ground, creating a shockwave. The old lady is thrown into the distance by the shockwave, never to be seen again.


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