Superman 12

Superman: Man of Steel

Superman #12 was a pathetic attempt to make money. It was also the twelfth comic book in the Superman (comics) series.

Superman Finds KryptonEdit


One day, Superman is flying through the air, without a care in the world. After destroying half of Metropolis, he decides to it would be a good idea to take a break for a while. He flies up into space to find Krypton. He hadn't even traveled 250 million miles, and he had found it! The local population informed him he was not at Krypton but Mars. He did not care. He went to his "old house" (which was actually a Martian military base) and said hi to "mom and dad" (Martian soldiers). After getting shot at, he flew away, cursing Krypton and swearing revenge.


Superman: Man of SteelEdit


Superman is at a gun firing range. He takes a gun, and fires it. He misses. He misses so badly, that he killed four people with one shot. All of the other people try shooting at Superman, only to realize he is bulletproof. They dub him "The Man of Steel" and then continue to shoot at him because they like shooting at things. Superman lets this new title get to his head, and he flies away. He goes to a steel factory, and blows it up. "I will not have any competition," he says to the confused factory workers that survived the blast "I am the one and only Man of Steel!"

Then he went and blew some more stuff up because he can.


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