Superman 10

Mom? Where am I?

Superman #10 is the tenth issue of the Superman (comics) series. There are three stories in this one instead of two to celebrate double digits. We punched three people instead of two to celebrate double digits.

Superman Can FlyEdit


Superman has just finished work at the Daily Planet when suddenly he realizes he's FLYING! After spending three pages freaking out, he decides to use this power. He flies all the way to the moon. Then he gets lost and has to call his mother for directions.


Lex Luthor's Evil PlotEdit


Lex Luthor is pacing in his office. He decides that he needs to kill Superman because the voices in his head told him to. After putting on the ring fashioned from the green rock that fell from the sky recently, he robs a bank. When Superman comes down, Lex walks up and punches Superman. Lex's plan was to use the power of friendship to take down Superman. This is what he thinks happened when Superman took the hit. Then Superman lasered Lex's arm off and beat the ever living crap out of him.


Superman Fights IndigestionEdit


Clark Kent is eating dinner with Lois Lane when suddenly, indigestion strikes! Clark excuses himself to go to the bathroom. That's when he punches himself in the gut as hard as he can. The resulting shockwave destroys the whole restaurant. It does not fix his indigestion. He punches some other guy in the gut, hoping to use reverse psychology. The other guy just happens to be Brianiac, who then shoots Superman with a laser. The laser cures the indigestion. Superman shakes hands with Brainiac (by doing so breaking Brainiac's hand), and then flies away.


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