Squirrel Girl

Run. Run like you're being hunted down by Satan himself.

Squirrel Girl is the most happiest and funnest superhero in the entire world. Also known as The Bringer of Death, Squirrel Girl is a superhero who's main focus is having fun with her pet squirrels. Being the only superhero to defeat Dr. Doom in a direct fight, she has earned fear and dread love and adoration from superheroes everywhere. Squirrel Girl has defeated many a-villain with her squirrel pals and positive thinking!

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Squirrel Manipulation: Squirrel girl can tell rodents what to do. How elegant.
  • Tail: She has a tail. Great for parties.


  • Positive Thinking: Squirrel Girl is very good at positive thinking! She's working on thinking her way out of a paper bag. She hasn't quite done it yet, but she's getting there!