Captain America 6

Captain America #6 is a continuation of the tale of Captain America as he fights the Nazis to win the war!



Captain America is sitting at a bar in Paris. He had just spent three days fighting for control of Paris, so he was tired. He was drinking every drink the bartender had when suddenly, a guy looked at him funny! Cap grabbed the guy by his collar and threw him out a window. People started yelling. Assuming they were yelling as a sign of aggression, Captain America threw his mighty shield! There were no survivors.


Those Darned Nazis!Edit


Captain America is fighting in a battle somewhere in Europe when suddenly, someone throws a grenade at him! "Those darned Nazis!" Cap yells as he tosses back the grenade. He continues fighting until the Americans win the battle. "Those darned Nazis!" Captain America says as he shoots the last one. Captain America decides that wasn't enough, so he goes to help the Brits. He finds that the Brits already won their battle, and the flesh of the dead Nazis was stinking up the place. "Those darned Nazis!" he said as he cleaned up the bodies.

The next morning, Captain America is making himself a sandwich when the Allied base falls under an air strike! "Those darned Nazis!" the captain said as he shot down the planes with his laser eyes. That's when he realized the Nazis has experimented on him in his sleep. "Those darned Nazis!" Cap said as he ripped the laser blasters out of his eyes. But then a ground assault came in and started shooting at the Americans. That's when one of them shot Cap in the leg. "Those darned Nazis!" Cap said as he laid there and bled out.


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