Captain America 5

Charlie Chaplin, the British Hitler

Captain America #5 is a comic book featuring Bucky Barnes. It also has Captain America in it too.

Return of ChaplinEdit


Captain America is fighting a battle. He uses his America powers to defeat the Nazis and save the day. He returns to the base only to find that Charlie Chaplin is waiting for him! Chaplin declares that he is going to get revenge for the time that Cap thought that Chaplin was Hitler. Cap, being the easily confused man that he is, thinks that Chaplin is Hitler and attacks.

Chaplin draws his sword and the two engage in combat. Cap actually uses his shield as a shield. Then he shield bashes Chaplin to the ground and then beats him senseless. The other soldiers pull Cap off of the actor. Chaplin then throws down a cloud of smoke, and vanishes. Except when the cloud dissipates, he's still standing there. He awkwardly leaves, muttering something about revenge.


Captain America: Fighter PilotEdit


Captain America is informed that he is going to become a fighter pilot even though he has no training, he has crashed multiple planes in the past, he is the best ground soldier they have, his powers will be useless in a plane, and that he is already a constant danger to those around him when he isn't inside a two ton death machine.

He gets in the plane. It flips over for no logical reason, creating a huge explosion that destroys half of Finland (even though the plane was nowhere near Finland).


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