Batman 7

Batman #7 is "that one issue" that helped start a huge mess that took decades to clean up.

Robin's Awesome NightEdit


While Batman is off fighting some random crime involving an out of control leaf blower, Robin is forced to stay behind. Alfred is supposed to be babysitting, but he fell asleep on the roof, so Robin sneaks out and goes to the bar. He orders a drink, exclaims "drinking is fun!" and then shoots the bartender. Robin then leaves the bar and goes to a strip club. Robin then releases tear gas, steals everyone's money, and goes back to the bar. At this point, the police are waiting. He beats them all up while singing about how much of a badass he is.


The Joker Does DrugsEdit


The Joker has just escaped from Arkham Asylum and is cooking something up in a secret chemical lab. He is attempting to make some sort of toxic gas that can kill lots of people. Being the logical man that he is, Joker insists on testing these chemicals by sniffing them. After waking up, Joker realizes that everything is funny colors. He then runs onto the Gotham streets butt naked and gets beat up by Batman.


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