Batman 2

Birth of the Joker!

Batman #2 is the sequel to Batman 1. It takes place in 20th century Gotham.

Birth of the JokerEdit


Bruce Wayne is hanging from the ceiling when suddenly, a random guy breaks into Wayne Manor! Wayne beats the crap out of the guy as Alfred drunkenly flails a fire poker around the room. Alfred hits Wayne in the face, causing Wayne to put Alfred in time out. Then the Bat-Signal lights up and Bruce Wayne turns into Batman. Batman flies off into the darkness.

Commissioner Gordon is standing on top of the GCPD building. Batman asks what the problem is, and Gordon explains that some guys just broke into a chemical lab. Batman flies in and beats everyone up. But their leader, a guy called the Red Hood, says he would rather die then be captured. Batman says "Okay," and throws the guy into a toxic vat of chemicals. "Oops," Batman said, "He must have 'slipped'. Hehehe..." Batman then throws a smoke pellet, punches Gordon in the face, and runs away like a chubby third grader.


Revenge of the JokerEdit


A one page story in the back of the comic book, Revenge of the Joker features the Joker climbing out of the vat of chemicals and filing a lawsuit against Batman. Batman never shows up, so Joker shoots everyone in the courtroom.


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