Batman (George Clooney)

George Clooney thinking he's Batman.

Real Name: George Clooney
AKA: Gorgeous George
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: Joel Schumacher
Gender: Male (as demonstrated by the bat-nipples)
Unusual Features: Chiseled Form
Occupation: Actor
Education: School
Species: Human
Home: Gotham
Likes: Nipples
Dislikes: Good Movies
Quotes - Gallery - Appearances

This is why Superman works alone.

–Please stop. Please stop now.

George Clooney is a professional actor and one of the many men to don the cape and cowl to become Batman. He is also the worst man to don the cape and cowl to become Batman.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • Bad Portrayal as Batman: His primary weakness is the fact that his run as Batman just sucks overall. In his defense, it wasn't his fault. But it still sucks.
  • Bat Credit Card: He carries a Bat Credit Card, which has proven a critical weakness for some time.


  • George Clooney nearly destroyed the Batman film series for good.

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